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Balcony Shading

Tuflex Instalcool CRS
We manufacture an exclusive range of Tuflex Instacool CRS (curtain raiser system), which is smart and trendy and offers instant sun shading and weather control system.
• Homes
• Offices
• Hotels
• Shops
The unique heavy-duty knitting pattern of the CRS is specially designed to cut out the harsh sunlight and provide you with a cool and comfortable shade It also blocks the sunlight containing harmful UV rays unlike the sun control films and window blinds which control the light but allow the heat inside the room. Keeps the interiors cool, as well as reduces air conditioning/cooling expenses. Tuflex Instacool CRS allows limited cross air flow for better cooling, unlike awnings which block the air flow totally. In the rainy season, Tuflex Instacool CRS will cut the heavy showers, just as it cuts the heat during summers. During winter this product will cut the gusts of cold wind and dust.
• Smart, Trendy & Colorful
• Smooth roll up
• Ready-To-Install Anywhere
• Maintenance Free, Washable, Long Life
• Round The Year Performance
• Works Equally Well Against Sun, Rain And Wind
• Unique Weather Control System Introduced For The First Time In India
Tuflex Instalcool Royale
Tuflex Instacool Royale is a versatile instant shading gear to suit almost any application. The knitting pattern of Tuflex Instacool prevents harsh sunlight to enter the room and provides a cool and comfortable shade. It is light weight but tough and does not absorb any moisture and does not rot or smell. These are UV stabilized to perform against intense sun rays (containing UV radiation) for a minimum 3- year period and remain vibrant throughout its life. The product is washable by a spray of water and can be easily installed by the user without any professional assistance.
• Balcony (Chik) Shading
• Shop Awning
• Window Awning
• Door/Window Blinds
• Portico Shading
• Car Park Shading
• Lawn/Nursery Shading
• Garden/Terrace Garden Shading
• Factory Shading
• Petrol Pump Shading
• Playground And Stadium Shading
• Eatery/Hotel & Restaurant Shading
• Resort And Water Park Shading
• Swimming Pool Shading
• Beaches, Outdoor Recreation
Sizes Available (width x length)
9 x 4, 4 x 7, 8 x 7, 8 x 10, 8 x 20, 10 x 20, 10 x 35
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