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Biaxial Geogrids

  Biaxial Geogrid range is manufactured out of polypropylene by a unique punching and drawing process and provide an ideal solution for soil stabilisation, sub base reinforcement, foundation engineering and other highway challenges.

Compact granular material partially penetrates over Biaxial Geogrid and projects through the apertures, which gives Interlocking action between the particles and the grid.

This interlocking enables the grid to resist horizontal shear from the fill and mobilise the maximum bearing capacity of a soft sub soil.

Biaxial Geogrid is engineered to be mechanically and chemically stable in aggressive soil environment and is not attacked by susceptible to hydrolysis, environment stress cracking and micro-organism attack.

Biaxial Geogrid feature’s high tensile stiffness at low strains and excellent resistance to construction damage and environmental exposure. A significant saving in the fill thickness can be achieved by using the Biaxial Geogrid range of products along with the improvement of resistance towards rutting.
Road Construction, Heavy Duty Pavements
Biaxial Geogrids are excellent for construction of access road, haul road in mines where large thickness of aggregate is lost in soft sub grades due to rutting.
  For heavy-duty pavement such as in container yards, port areas, airports, having large axle loads, one or more layer of Biaxial Geogrid can be used to minimise the differential settlements.
Railway Track Bed Stabilization
Railway track that overlies soft sub grade always experiences rapid and permanent settlement leading to disturbances of formation levels.
  When railway track ballast is reinforced with Biaxial Geogrid, it achieves higher stiffness levels and the formation level is undisturbed.
  Strong and positive interlocking action with the ballast, which prevents lateral movement to minimize migration of fines from sub grade.
  Drastically improves rail safety at higher speeds over weak and wet soil conditions.
Other Applications
- Base reinforcement/soil stabilization
- Foundation engineering
- Track bed stabilization
- Reinforced soil wall
- Bridge abutment
- Slope and landscape repair
- Roadway embankment
- Asphalt reinforcement
- Foundation of oil storage tanks
- Erosion control
- Mining operation
- Environment and waste management system
Product Range
100% Polypropylene with Optimum apertures to have better interlocking with Aggregates with higher Junction Strength and Flexural rigidity to minimize differential settlement effectively
Biaxial Geogrid is available in the range of 15 Kn/m to 40 Kn/m, which prevents differential settlement  effectively
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