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Knitted Anti Bird Net

  Knitted Anti Bird Netting - Heavy Duty Commercial Anti Bird Netting
Don't lose your fruit and vegetables to thieving birds, this Anti Bird Netting will protect against loss and damage. Our premium quality anti bird netting is used extensively by various commercial vineyards and fruit farms. Simply drape over trees or attach to a frame to protect your fruits, trees, vegetables, seedlings and seeds against bird damage.

Main Features:

• Heavy Duty Knitted Construction
• Can be cut to size and will not fray
• High UV stability
• Available in black or white colour. Black blends well with surroundings and becomes almost invisible, while white will stand
  out and may assist in reducing the instance of birds getting tangled in the net.
• If birds or bats do become tangled in this net, it will not cause the same harm and distress associated with the cheaper
  extruded nets which usually cuts into a struggling animal.
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