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Polyster Geogrids

  Polyester Geogrids are manufactured by utilising a complex knitting process using high tenacity, high oriented polyester filament to provide superior engineering and long term design strength properties. Polyester Geogrid is dimensionally stable with uniform network of apertures providing significant tensile reinforcement capacity in two principle directions. The Polyester Geogrid is engineered to be mechanically and chemically stable, in both harsh construction installation phase and in aggressive soil environment (pH level 2.0 – 12.0). Polyester Geogrids are biologically unaffected by soil micro-organisms. A black PVC saturation coating provides further chemical, mechanical, as well as ultraviolet protection.
Soil Reinforcement
Polyester Geogrid series is specifically designed for improved performance in soil reinforcement application where strength develops uni-axially. These Polyester Geogrids are either use alone or combination with other material such as segmental block, pre cast concrete panel for construction of reinforced wall and bridge abutment.
Tuflex India has also developed environment friendly Ecoscape wall system as Wrap-around facia facilitating facial accelerated vegetation growth along with erosion control.
Polyester Geogrid along with Biaxial Geogrids are used for construction of reinforced steep slope using wrap around, galvanized steel facing, combined with soil retention facing. Reinforced slope system creates structurally stable, natural looking earth retention structure form of over steepened slope.
Further uniaxial reinforcement can be successfully used for slope Stabilization and / or landslide repairs. Failures or natural or man made slopes can be easily repaired by excavating and reusing the failed soil and reinforcing with layer of Polyester Geogrid.
Wide range of facing options
Overall saving up to 30% on material and time when compared to conventional reinforced concrete and gravity structure
High resistance to dynamic shock loading and seismic activity
Allows the use of site soil available
Better ability to withstand the differential settlement
High connection capacity strength between facing and grid
Aesthetically appealing structure. Reduction of traffic disruption and lane closure
Product Range
Polyester Geogrids are available starting from 60 Kn/m to 200 Kn/m
Long term Tensile strength, range extends up to 110 Kn/m
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