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Rigid Drainage Pipe

Tuflex India provides Rigid Drainage pipes which have the capacity to carry run off water for sub surface drainage. These pipes are used along with non-woven Geotextile or natural filter media. Rigid Drainage pipe is 2/3rd perforated and 1/3rd closed at bottom for effective drainage.
The density of pipes depends upon the quantum of water flow expected on the surface of the slope or pavement.
Drainage to Retaining Wall
Rigid Retaining wall, earth retaining wall, bridge abutment, building basement and other structure often required dissipation of pore pressure, effective lowering of ground water table, elimination of piping, and reduction in hydro static pressure by using Geocomposite of Rigid Drainage Pipe and Geotextile.
Prevention of Capillary Rise
By using Rigid drainage pipe we can prevent upward movement of ground water by capillary rise, which brings dissolved salt within it, that kills all vegetation and also affect the structure stability.
Drainage along the Side Road
Drains along the side of flexible/rigid pavement provide clog free drainage system to drain away surface water beyond a certain level.
Provide higher drainage capacity than other conventional system
Ensure uniform discharge without clogging
Provide resistance to ground pressure and impact
Offer single system to cater to surface as well as subsurface drainage
Ensure long-term functional efficiency
Forms simple and quick method of installation
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