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Road Grid

  Roadgrid are specially knitted fibreglass grid ideal for asphalt reinforcement. These grids are coated with bituminous material, which ensures proper adhesion to asphalt layers. This bonding ensures that this reinforcing grid is in position to accept the tensile stresses and to distribute them. The special peel and stick feature eliminates the need for track coat and also ensures quick installation. The selection of this material is based on excellent beat resistance, minimal shrinkage at high temperature of 200°c and optimal elastic modules.

It may be noted that Roadgrids are produces with aperture size 25 X 25 mm. This aperture size is based upon the average asphalt particles size available for obtaining the best results. This is the optimal aperture size to ensure the best bonding between the asphalt layers.
Asphalt Reinforcement
Roadgrid is specially knitted fiberglass with bituminous coating, making it ideal for asphalt reinforcement. In resurfacing application, Roadgrid greatly assist in minimizing the reflective cracking. Roadgrid is also ideal for use in new highway construction, saving in long term maintenance and increasing roadway life.
Roadgrid is successfully used for the variety of asphalt reinforcement application including control of reflective cracking and rutting in asphalt concrete overlays, airport runway, road, parking lots, jointed concrete highway and other uses.
- Minimise the both thermal and stress related cracking
- Reduction of rutting of pavement subjected to high ambient temperature and intense wheel loading
- Increase the fatigue life of pavement with weak foundation with reduction in overlay thickness
- Provide the cost benefit by increasing the life cycle of pavement
- Pavement should be cleaned, dry and free of dirt and oil. Sweep or air clean the surface. Clean & fill cracks greater than 6mm
- Roadgrid may be installed over existing pavement if in suitable condition by application of tack coat
- The width of tack coat application must extend 75mm beyond the Roadgrid
- If the peel and stick type of Roadgrid is used, there may be no requirement of tack coat
- Roadgrid should be installed while the tack coat is still tacky/broken, but after ‘flashing’ has occurred
- Roadgrid is placed using mechanical or manual equipment
- Keeping tension in both the direction the Roadgrid is nailed along the starter end (from corner to corner) to the existing asphalt using the desired concrete nails and fender washers
Product Range
Roadgrid is available with tensile resistance of 50 kn/m & 100 kn/m in both the direction. Specially manufactured red & stick type of Roadgrid is advantageous with Asphalt pavements.
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