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Seri Culture Net

  Best Way to Breed Silk Worms
Highly popular across the Sericulture industry, Netrika Sericulture Nets play a vital role in the breeding of silk worms. It helps in formation and harvesting of silk worm cocoons and conduct the process in a hygienic environment.
0. 90, 11 (m) fold on one side and 10 (m) fold on the other side
• Sericulture
Our sericulture nets are more versatile than traditional bamboo mountages. As compared to bamboo mountages our nets are machine made; so they have uniform corrugation which helps in uniform cocoon formation and easy harvesting.
• Easy to clean and helps maintain a hygienic environment
• Long-lasting and can be reused for years
• Non-biodegradable for longer life compared to bamboo mountages
• Easy to store & transport
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