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Woven Geotextiles

  Woven Geotextile are made from weaving monofilament, multifilament, or slit film yarns. Weaving is a process by which interlocking yarn is to make Woven Geotextile.

Slit film tape Woven Geotextiles are commonly used for sediment control, i.e. Slit fence, and road stabilization applications. Though the flat tape slit film yarns are quite strong and can be used for reinforcement application also.

Monofilament Woven Geotextiles have better permeability, making them suitable for certain drainage applications. High strength Multifilament Woven Geotextiles is primarily used in reinforcement applications.

Woven geotextile is also used for making Geobags for Bund construction for Seashore reclamation, Bank protection, to prevent bed erosion and relevant applications. For making cost-effective solutions, we can also use of Non-woven Geotextile bag is recommended along with outer Woven Geotextile bag for Construction.

Mainly Woven Geotextiles are made up from Polypropylene and/or Polyester.
Unpaved Road
Deploying a woven Geotextile over soft Sub grade helps to reduce construction and the maintenance cost of access and haul road by spreading the applied load over a wider area, reducing the rut depth and preventing aggregate contamination.
Paved Road
Woven Geotextile placed on Sub grade, permanently separate the aggregate from finer soil, below and prevent aggregate contamination, which is leading cause of pavement failure.
Steep Slope
Reinforcement with woven high strength Geotextile allow construction of steep slope and widening of the existing embankment when sufficient land is not available or land acquisition costs are high.
Retainig Wall
Woven high strength Geotextile can be used to construct reinforced soil retaining wall.
Embankment over Soft Soil
Woven high strength Geotextile placed on soft ground, allows stable embankment to be constructed safely, rapidly and economically.
Lining System Support
When a new landfill is to be placed on top of or adjacent to a closed Landfill, by installing woven high strength Geotextile on top of the closed facility, the integrity of the new liner system can be preserved.
Lagoon Closures
Woven high strength Geotextile placed over unstable soft waste, allow safe and rapid construction of soil caps over filled industrial sludge lagoons.
Product Range
Polypropylene Woven Geotextile with tensile strength ranging from 9 Kn/m. to 300 Kn/m
High modulus polyester woven with tensile strength extending up to 600 Kn/m
High flow woven filter fabrics comprising both multifilament and monofilament yarn
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