We manufacture and export quality range of polymer nets and knitted fabrics for our clients. Our products find application in various areas
and are innovatively designed to meet the requirements of our clients.
  Our product range
Agro Products  
Agro Products  
  Tea Withering Net
  Agro Shade Net
  Anti - Hail Net
  Mulching Films
  Poultry Net
  Seri Culture Net
  Anti - Bird Net
  Rose Bud Net
  Green House Net
  HDPE /PP ground cover /Weed mat
  Knitted Anti Bird Net
  Seed Cage
  Monofilament knitted fabric
  Insect net
  Thermal net
  HDPE Rope
  PP Bailer Twine
  PP Multifilament flat cord
Garden Landscape  
Garden Landscape  
  Sapling Protector
  Chain Link Fencing Net
  Garden Fencing Net
  Hexagonal Fencing Net
  Tree guard
  Balcony Shading
  Heavy Duty Fencing Net
  Square Net
  Pigeon Net
  Perimeter Fencing
  Pro Shine
  Safety Fencing Net
Mosquito Screen  
Mosquito Screen  
  Radium Designer Screen
  Cool Fabric
  Nova Curtain
Packaging Products  
Packaging Products  
  Protective Sleevings
  Shopping Bag
  Fruit Bag
  Vegetable Bag
  Packaging Net
  Button Seal fruit bag
Geosynthetics Fabric  
Geosynthetics Fabric  
  Non-woven Geotextiles
  Woven Geotextiles
  Paving Fabric
  Polyster Geogrids
  Biaxial Geogrids
  Road Grid
  Geonets and Gabion
  Fincore Drainage Geonet
  Rigid Drainage Pipe
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