HDPE Soft Net for Broodets & Layer cages
Agro Products
Poultry Nets (Extruded)

Tuflex India manufactures a technically advanced and highly functional range of poultry nets. They are widely used in hatcheries and breeding farms and are extremely helpful in keeping the chicks and eggs safe.

Product Quality

Prepared with the best quality raw materials, our nets match the international quality standards, are designed using square mesh netting, are easy to install and can also be used as safe fencing.

Product Highlights:

  • A technically advanced form of shading
  • Controls sunlight and temperature
  • Helps reduce evaporation and minimizes damage due to wind, hail, frost, mist and rain 
  • Helps keep out birds and insects that damage plants 


2 (m)25 (m)


  • Hatcheries
  • Breeding Farms
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