Shade Sail to protect your crop from sun's heat and hail
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Shade Sail Fabrics

Tuflex Shade Sails are high-quality engineered shade products that protect from many of Mother Nature's elements; Sun, Heat, Hail and UV Rays. We are committed to providing the highest quality standards for your shade project. Our Sales Team will guide you through a simplified process of providing a shade that protects your property & helps provide a perfect shade.

Tuflex Shade Sail Fabrics is a superior rated Knitted HDPE Fabric designed for Modular Shade Structures and Shade Sails. The high performance fabrics finds usage in Agricultural, Architectural, Industrial and Mining application. The product is designed for Tension Structures meeting international standards.


3 meter50 meter


    High Density Polyethylene


  • The product is suitable for outdoor application except atmosphere containing Sulphur & Halogens
  • Customised Length & Width will be provided by company and when required
  • We are doing test as per Australian Standard for Tensile, Tearing & Ball Burst
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