High Strength Polymer Grids with integrally fused joints
Engineering & Geosynthetics Fabric
Geonets and Gabion

Tuflex Geonets are high strength Polymer Grids with integrally fused joints, having high dimensional stability and junction strength. Manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HPDE), Geonets are also protected against environmental and ultra-violet degradation.

Slope Erosion Control

Geonets 131 along with Non-woven Geotextile are ideally suited for erosion control of slopes. Installed on the surface of slopes, along with top soil for vegetation growth; they prevent soil erosion by retarding the velocity of water run-off with its three dimensional profile. They then promote water percolation in soil as well as for growth of natural vegetation. Once the vegetation is established on the slope surface, the girds act as permanent reinforcing medium for grassroots This helps in generation of dense grass cover by preventing the roots from washout even in adverse weather conditions

Gabions for Coastal Erosion Control or Waterfront Protection

Due to extensive wave action, sea coasts / river banks are susceptible to heavy erosion and scouring. It is essential to break up the waves and control erosion. Gabion application helps in the break up and absorption of wave energy. This gradually leads to the process of silting and consequently offers permanent solution to the erosion problem.

Gabions and Mattresses for Waterfront Protection are easily constructed at site. This can be done in various sizes by fabricating a box like structure from the Geogrid roll (ready made netting) with jointing being done with polymer ropes. The box structure is filled with stones and the top-flap closed and braided.


  • Gabion construction does not require heavy plant or machinery
  • Gabion walls can be constructed on filled up compacted soil/rock-fill having low bearing capacity and structure may be added later on
  • Construction of Gabion retaining walls does not require cement and sand also curing time
  • Local labour can quickly be trained to construct high quality structures
  • Uses low cost, locally available stone / boulders quickly
  • Rapid construction makes them ideal for emergency relief works
  • Being a flexible structure, Gabion retaining wall can easily adjust to unequal settlements


  • Road and Railway embankments
  • Rock slopes and cliff faces
  • River and canal bank protection
  • Sea walls and breakwaters
  • River bank protection
  • Waterway control structures
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