Amuminised Net for better plant protection
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Thermal Nets

Our thermal net is made out of knitted polyethylene. By using flat Metallic yarn it decreases the air flow but increases the temperature.

Key points

  • Thermal net can increase the temperature below the net by up to 3°C compared to external field temperature
  • In trials it has proven to offer protection against larger insects including cabbage root fly and also protects from birds, rabbits and deer
  • Thermal net gives protection from wind, hail, heavy rain and helps prevent capping
  • Easy to use just like normal insect net and has high resistance to tearing
  • Made out of HDPE with UVI inhibitor that can last up to 3 years
  • Whilst it does not offer the same level of protection as our normal insect netting it still has a niche in the market for certain early crops.


  • High quality metallized knitted screen
  • High reflective quality
  • UV resistant
  • Uniform knitting
  • Moderates temperature
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