The most effective solution for packaging of fresh produce
Packaging Products
  • MESHO packaging nets are used for all type of Online Retail Packaging of Fruits & Vegetables like Potatoes, Lemons, Apples, Orange, etc.
  • MESHO packaging nets are strong enough for holding products. Soft knitted structure protects vegetable or fruits skin from damage / rash.
  • Our MESHO packaging nets are a revolution in packaging segment of agricultural products to replace traditional packaging like cotton bags, hessian bags, bamboo baskets, etc. They offer proper ventilation and strength with soft structur


Width330 MM (± 30 MM)
Weight / Length5 Kgs Roll of 1000Mtr. Each
6 Kgs Roll of 1200Mtr. Each
ColorRed / Orange / Natural / Onion Red
Packaging 4 Rolls / Bale
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